Artist of the main project
Turkey / Germany
Artist of the main project

Kavachi , 1989
Turkey / Germany

Exhibition at the Optical and Mechanical Plant features artworks:

supported by SAHA

Untitled (2020, 2021, ongoing)

8 pieces, charcoal on paper, 42 × 29.7 cm. Courtesy of the artist

During the pandemic the artist focused on drawings, and this ongoing series continues the reflections on the emotional experiences, this time — staying alone with oneself. A private experience of staying alone, withdrawn from social life, makes one become both the observer and the observed, engaging in reflection on intimacy, touch and sexual desire.

I Cleaned (2018)

Acrylic on kitchen towels, 475 × 102 cm. Courtesy of the artist

Kavachi worked as a dishwasher for a time, and the working process as a dishwasher led him to think that actually, the actions he was undertaking were carrying a potential for an art piece. The work I Cleaned is a result of this perception and experiments as a
dishwasher. It refers to the repetition of a very boring work process. Cleaning the kitchen tools, sometimes aggressively, sometimes smoothly, and sometimes without any feeling, as if he was hypnotized, was a physical reflection of his inner conflict between being an artist but acting and working as a dishwasher.

Exhibitions at the Circus the Museum of History and Archaeology of the Urals feature multiple textile-based objects. Kavachi is interested in the performative and emotional aspects of everyday life. Known for textile-based practice, the artist engages in such topics as childhood memories, queer identities, labor and domesticity.

The Circus also housed The Sound of Hair Pulling performance. 

Kavachi was born in 1989 in Sarayköy in Turkey and currently lives and works in Grub am Forst in Germany. His practice ranges from temporary installation to performance, video, drawing, and textile-based works.

After completing his BA at Sıtkı Koçman University in Muğla and his MFA in Painting Hacettepe University in Ankara in Turkey, He received his second MFA degree from Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2018.
His first solo exhibition is Mommy when will I get married? Third Space (Helsinki, 2017). Selected group exhibitions he participated in include: Video Zine 1 / Ocular Oracular an platform organized by Floating Projects (Hong Kong, 2020); Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, 2019); Thessaloniki Queer Art Festival Marathon Open Air Screening, LABattoir, (Thessaloniki, 2019); Walter Koschatzky Art-Award at the HOFSTALLUNGEN of the MUMOK, in the Museumquartier (Vienna, 2019); Imaginary Bauhaus Museum, Schiller Museum (Weimar, 2019); Immer Ärger mit den Großeltern, Kunsthaus (Dresden, 2018); Desintegriert Euch!, 3rd Berliner Herbstsalon, Kronprinzenpalais (Berlin, 2017); You Left Behind, Kasa Gallery (İstanbul, 2017).

Kavachi , 1989
Turkey / Germany