Ticket types 

The main project

Full 1-day ticket to the venues at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant* and the Salute Cinema — 500₽ / 250₽**(students, retirees). 

Full 1-day ticket to the venues at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant*, the Salute Cinema, and the Ekaterinburg State Circus — 1000₽ / 500₽** (students, retirees).

* To visit the UOMZ please fill out the form and have a state-issued ID with you when visiting the venue of the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant.

A one-time visit of performance program in the Circus — 200₽ / 100₽** (students, retirees)

** The ticket price is valid up to 24 October

A visit to the Central Post Office — free

A visit to Metenkov House Museum of Photography — museum fare, discount with the biennial ticket 

A visit to Museum of History and Archaeology of the Urals — museum fare, discount with the biennial ticket


1/ The Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant*(Vostochnaya St., 51; south entrance)

* To enter the territory of the plant, you must present your passport / state-issued ID. Foreign citizens must register online 5 working days before visiting the exhibition by filling out the form

2/ The building of the former Salute Cinema (Tolmacheva St., 12)

3/ The Ekaterinburg State Circus (8 Marta St., 43)

4/ The Central Post Office (Lenina Ave., 39)

5/ Metenkov House Museum of Photography (Karla Liebknechta St., 36) 

6/ Museum of History and Archaeology of the Urals (Lenina Ave., 69/10)

Opening hours of the venues:
Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00-21:00 (opening hours of the ticket office at the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant: 12:00-20:00)

Opening hours of the Metenkov House:
Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00–20:00

Public program

Ticket prices

You can purchase tickets to lectures, movie screenings, and other events of the public program in the former Salute Cinema upon registering for the events.

artist talks – free; do not include a visit to the exhibition

lecture program – 150₽ / reduced ticket 100₽

film program – 300₽ / reduced ticket  200₽

theater program – 300₽ / reduced ticket  200₽

workshops – 300₽

Tickets to the events of the children's program are free, admission is by the ticket to the exhibition. Pre-registration is required.


Former Salute Cinema (Tolmacheva St., 12)

The Artist-in-Residence program

Final video installation of the artist-in-residence program, October 3 – January 9

Ticket prices

You can purchase tickets at the venue for 200₽.

Get a reduced ticket (250₽ / 700₽ /100₽) to exhibitions of the Biennial main project by showing your ticket to exhibitions of the artist-in-residence program.


UMMC Museum complex, Alexandra Kozitsyna St., 2Б, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk Region

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 – 19:00

Art&Industry tours

Ticket prices

2500  – 5000 rubles; depends on the tour.

You can purchase tickets when registering for a tour.

Free tickets

You can get a free ticket to the exhibition if you belong to one of the following categories:

1. People under the age of 18 (events stipulated by the age limit).

2. Professionals (please show your certificate):

  • Members of creative organizations and unions, museum associations, including members of the Association of Art Critics, members of the Union of Artists, members and employees of the Russian Academy of Arts, members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), members of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), members of the World Biennial Association.
  • Personnel of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and its subordinate institutions.
  • Museum retirees.

3. People with disabilities (please show your certificate):

  • People with disabilities of all groups.

4. Military personnel (please show your certificate):

  • Fixed-term servicemen.

5. Free (please show your certificate):

  • Participants and veterans of military operations, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full holders of the Order of Glory.
  • Retirees — every last Wednesday of the month.
  • Members of large families — every last Tuesday of the month.
  • Students of Suvorov military schools and Nakhimov naval schools — every Thursday.