One-day tour 
Ekaterinburg – Sokol – Ekaterinburg 
11.09.21, Saturday
Sokol, Chelyabinsk region
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11.09.21, Saturday
One-day tour Ekaterinburg – Sokol – Ekaterinburg
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To find yourself in a previously closed city, to walk along the Ural atomic trail and to be the first to see a study dedicated to the life of people after the third largest nuclear accident in the world – this is what this art industrial tour is about.

The opening of the large-scale research exhibition The Ringing Trail is the final destination of this tour. Pavel Otdelnov, the artist of the year according to the Innovation Prize and Cosmoscow Fair, investigated the accident at the Mayak plant in 1957 and the stories of people who were involved in a nuclear project and experienced the consequences of its implementation. These are not only workers of the Mayak enterprise and liquidators of the accident, but also residents of the surrounding settlements that have been exposed to increased radioactive impact, including those who had to leave their homes and be among the displaced. The exhibition consists of found photographs, evidence and household items of that time and will be housed in the landmark for the atomic project Laboratory B.

The laboratory specialized in radiobiology research and isotope production. Convicted scientists, hired specialists, prisoners of war, experts interned from Germany, as well as special settlers worked in it. This building will also host the research project of the partners of the biennial titled The Territory of the Avant-Garde. It focuses on the constructivist architecture of the experimental town. In the village of Sokol, a significant part of the laboratory's infrastructure has been preserved: the Chemist club, several checkpoints, summer cottages for project employees, the building of the former hostel.

In the morning, the tour visitors will walk along the Mendarka Peninsula, where among the mountains and lakes, scientists Nikolaus Riehl and Nikolai Timofeev-Ressovsky, in the status of prisoners, studied the effect of radiation on living organisms and ways to protect themselves from it. The way back will include an archaeological site on Lake Bolshie Allaki – a washed-out and weathered mountain  10 meters high, on which fragments of ancient rock art have been preserved.

Departure from Ekaterinburg: September 11, 8:00
Arrival in Ekaterinburg: September 11, 19:00
Registration for the tours closes no later than 12:00 on September 8

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A lunch is provided as part of the tour. We recommend, however, that you have an afternoon snack and water with you.

The tour involves a visit to an operating or former production, therefore it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes without heels. Legs should be completely covered when visiting enterprises, so it is best to avoid short pants and skirts, ballet flats and other open clothing and shoes.