One-day tour 
Ekaterinburg – Asbest – 
10.10.2021, Sunday
9:00 – 19:30
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10.10.2021, Sunday
9:00 – 19:30
One-day tour Ekaterinburg – Asbest – Ekaterinburg
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The guests of the tour will visit the world's largest asbestos deposit – Bazhenovskoye, as well as two operating production facilities at once: an asbestos processing plant and a plant for the production of heat-insulating materials, which are part of the Ural asbestos mining and processing plant. As part of the tour, there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the early works of the famous Ural sculptor Ernst Neizvestny, which are located next to the building of the city palace of culture, a typical example of Soviet architecture of the 1950s, a vivid example of the Stalinist Empire style. Guests can also walk along the front corridors and backstage of the palace, see the surviving examples of monumental panels by Ural artists, and the original interior elements.

It is in the foyer of the Asbestos Palace of Culture, the key public space of the city, that the work of the Swedish-Iranian artist Behzad Noori A Monument to the Unknown Citizen will be housed for just a week. This is a playground that represents the possible future of a social monument. Behzad reinterprets the Sverdlovsk legacy of the early constructivist architect Moses Ginzburg, as well as the memorial dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, conceived by the modernist sculptor Ernst Neizvestny in 1985. At its core, a monument is an object capable of telling stories: about play, utopia and exile. It has the potential to become a place of communication for different communities.

Departure from Ekaterinburg: October 10, 9:00
Arrival in Ekaterinburg: October 10, 19:30
Registration for the tour closes no later than 12:00 on October 6

The schedule may slightly change. Please check it out on Timepad before the trip. In addition, a mediator will contact you to clarify all the details.

If you have questions about the tour before or after booking it, please use the "Contact organizer" button on Timepad.

There is no organized lunch as part of the itinerary. Therefore, we recommend that you have an afternoon snack and water with you.

The tour involves a visit to an operating or a former production, therefore it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes without heels. Legs should be completely covered when visiting enterprises, so it is best to avoid short pants and skirts, ballet flats and other open clothing and shoes.

To get into an operating enterprise, you must have a passport with you. Also, before visiting special facilities, a safety briefing will be held.