A two-day tour 
Ekaterinburg – Satka – 
Kyshtym – Sokol – Ekaterinburg 
18.09.–19.09.2021, Saturday – Sunday
7:00 – 21:00
Satka, Kyshtym, Sokol
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18.09.–19.09.2021, Saturday – Sunday
7:00 – 21:00
A two-day tour Ekaterinburg – Satka – Kyshtym – Sokol – Ekaterinburg

The longest tour of the program – about 700 km – is centered around the landscape and architectural treasures of industrial cities of Satka and Kyshtym: a visit to the open quarries of the Satka plant "Magnezit", one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants Porogi in Russia and the only surviving palace building in the Southern Urals. In two days, the tour shows the viewers 4 art projects created within the 6th Ural Industrial Biennial.

Visitors will see a mural by Andrey Olenev, the street artist from Nizhny Novgorod, on the facade of the 14-story High-Temperature Shaft Furnace of the Magnezit Group's production complex. The display of the special project by Vasily Kononov-Gredin is an opportunity to look into hundreds of round mirrors screwed on the territory of the entire Berezovsky quarry: some of them always reflect its rocky surface, others – the sky, others – a lake that arose from a source and sooner or later will flood both the quarry and all the mirrors in it. The sculpture by Ivan Gorshkov in the Kyshtymka riverbed is dedicated to the authentic technology of copper processing: a worker made in the spirit of the Soviet avant-garde stands knee-deep in water, subordinating the elements to the industrial process.

The tour highlight is the large-scale research exhibition The Ringing Trail. Pavel Otdelnov, the artist of the year according to the Innovation Prize and Cosmoscow Fair, investigated the accident at the Mayak plant in 1957 and the stories of people who were involved in a nuclear project and experienced the consequences of its implementation. These are not only workers of the Mayak enterprise and liquidators of the accident, but also residents of the surrounding settlements that have been exposed to increased radioactive impact, including those who had to leave their homes and be among the displaced. The exhibition consists of found photographs, evidence and household items of that time and will be housed in the landmark for the atomic project Laboratory B.

Departure from Ekaterinburg: September 18, 7:00
Arrival in Ekaterinburg: September 19, 21:00
Registration for the tour closes no later than 12:00 on September 15 

The schedule may slightly change. Please check it out on Timepad before the trip. In addition, the guide will contact you to clarify all the details.

If you have questions about the tour before or after booking it, please use the "Contact organizer" button on the Timepad.

An organized lunch is provided as part of the tour. We recommend, however, that you have an afternoon snack and water with you. The tour involves a visit to an operating or former production, therefore it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes without heels. Legs should be completely covered when visiting enterprises, so it is best to avoid short pants and skirts, ballet flats and other open clothing and shoes.

To get into an operating enterprise, you must have a passport with you. Also, before visiting special facilities, a safety briefing will be held.